Rise of Empires Ice and Fire – Guide, Tips & Tricks

Our short guide should help everyone, whether you’re a new player or have experience, there is always something new to learn.


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Early game

In this section we’ll go over a couple tips and tricks that a new player would find useful.

Class selection

You will get a couple free class resets when you reach a certain castle level. It is recommended to start off as a trader or farmer and change to raider once you progress your legion. Traders gain more gold passively and have a special building that lets you purchase resources and items for gold and gems. Farmers generate more passive resources and are better at gathering resources from the map. Farmers also have a special building that unlocks a skill similar to rapid production but that works for all resource types and can be used every 12 hours. Raiders can plunder gold, the amount plundered will depend on your legion capacity and technologies.


When you first start playing you will be overwhelmed with the amount of building upgrades needed, luckily the dragon buff speeds your construction workers and building upgrading up by a lot. You can activate the dragon buff in the dragon altar building. The buff can only be activated if your dragon is fully fed. To feed your dragon you will have to hunt deer within your castle region. Feeding your dragon will also level it up, the higher your dragon the better buffs and perks you’ll get.

Since you won’t have many resources when you first start it is a good idea to use the dragon exploration. It refreshes daily and will reward you with free resources, items and also dragon experience by simply pressing a button.


It is important to build and upgrade the buildings that produce resources: distillery, quarry, iron mine, etc.

Focus on unlocking the “Worker Mobilization” research in the rapid production tree. With this technology you will be able to spam use the rapid production skill on your resource production buildings almost non stop. Once the rapid production scale hits a low percentage upgrade your building and it will reset to the initial percentage.

Utilize the trading house. Level it up and exchange resources. Sell water all the time as you won’t need it early on.

Make sure that you have charcoal and that the population is at maximum all the time. Refill the tavern and charcoal factories. Level up your charcoal workshop, it will generate charcoal passively.

Legion and Heroes

Focus on one troop tier. It’s recommended to focus on cavalry first. Mainly focus on your class legion, level the class training grounds, focus on the class legion research tree and unlock all 3 hero slots. Save your wisdom medals for orange or purple heroes. You will be much stronger with a full orange legion. Don’t miss the free daily hero recruitments. Focus on the 1st and 6th hero skill, those will increase your legions capacity.

Hourly challenges

Always check the hourly challenges, aim for the first 2 chests whenever you can. Prepare for the upcoming challenges by calculating the research and building time. You can find a list of the upcoming hourly challenges on our website click here.


Join one of the top alliances. Most of the provinces will form a no attack policy between the top alliances, this will grant you immunity. You will also gain other benefits such as having access to the alliance store, gifts, receive help from your alliance members etc.

Spend gems

Spend your gems efficiently to finish upgrades or when training troops for your hourly challenges. You will receive more and more gems over time from the challenges and this will also speed your progress up by a lot. However it is not recommended to buy resources for gems.

Kill destroyers and group bosses

It’s important to complete limited daily tasks. Killing destroyers will reward you with gear material that will be very important in the late game. Killing savage giants with your alliance members will get you additional gems and resources.

Mid and Late game

This section is targeted at players that have mastered the basics of the game and Clash of Provinces has started in their province.

Build farms

The sooner you do it the better. Create as many farm accounts as you can, this will be your main resource income source. Farms are also needed for the upcoming events such as Reign of Chaos. It is nearly impossible to progress without farms. This is also where our Rise of Empires bot saves the day. It will level your accounts up and maintain them 24/7. Click here to get started with ROEBOT and get a free 24 hour trial.

Clash of Provinces

The most important thing is to complete the “Zone Commemoration” research. All your resources should be spent on this branch. The game will become much easier once you max it. You will be gaining a lot of resources and gems from doing the CoP tasks.

Try to unlock as many chests as you can daily, don’t forget to use the clash of province buff to increase the amount of points that you’ll receive for doing the tasks.

Buy courage medals from the token shop in the “Benefits Center”.

Hero recruitment

Save your super hero recruitment tickets until the Reign of Chaos event starts and stronger seasonal heroes become available. Seasonal heroes are much stronger and the recruitment is limited. Ideally aim for s2+ heroes, you should have a good amount of recruitment tickets by then.

Province quest

Complete the province quest daily and aim for the group quests that give the most experience. Ask your province members to join you on the quest.

Craft gear

Produce materials and craft gear at the blacksmith. This will make your legion much stronger.