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Free Development
Warmup Week

Rise of Empires Hourly Challenge Schedule

Rise of Empires hourly challenges aka daily challenges are challenges in the game that a player can complete every hour for additional in game rewards. The hourly challenges start 5 minutes after the hour beings. The player has a total of 55 minutes to complete the challenge and open all 3 chests. Knowing ahead what hourly challenge comes up next will help the player to maximize the rewards, as well as save Clash of Provinces (CoP) buffs (bonuses). You can use the CoP bonus before the ongoing hourly challenge ends and complete 2 hourly challenges while only using 1 Clash of Provinces buff. This trick is also known as “Double Dip”.

Table Usage

The table displays all the possible hourly challenges (hourlies). The time column represents in game time, it will automatically highlight the current day and time and the ongoing hourly challenge for you. It also supports “Free Development” selection which will affect the Sunday table, and “Warmup Week” that updates the Saturday hourly challenges. Tasks that match the CoP (Clash of Provinces) event are highlighted.

Free Development

Players are able to select the CoP event that they wish to complete on Sunday (7th CoP day) and Saturday (6th CoP day on “Warmup” weeks). That event is usually called “Free Development”. The hourly challenges on Sunday will be assigned based on the Free Development selection.

Warmup Week

Warmup weeks are weeks right before the actual Clash of Provinces event. Provinces get calibrated on these weeks and the province matchup table is built based on the province’s performance. The hourly challenges on Saturday are different on Warmup weeks. The hourlies on a Saturday during Warmup won’t be affected by the Free Development selection.